Cankaya, Ankara, TURKEY

Travel and Treatment

Contact us for appointment

After free on-line consultation, once you decide to undertake with the hair restoration surgery with Dr. Ekrem Civas in Turkey, Kindly email or contact us to schedule an appointment for your surgery at least one month before your planned date.

Travel and Accommodation

Once you have been given an appointment for the surgery, you can go ahead and book your flight and submit your flight itinerary by email. Our patient coordinator will book you for 3 nights at a 4 star hotel (Koza Suite Hotel) and arrange for the two-way airport transfers. You are assured of a comfortable stay inTurkey.

Flights to Ankara Esenboga ESB Airport

Flights to Ankara Esenboga ESB airport can be found from the following airlines:

  • Turkish Airlines – Worldwide through Istanbul
  • Lufthansa – Worldwide through Munich
  • Pegasus Airlines – Within Europe through Istanbul
  • Qatar Airlines – Worldwide through Doha
  • Air Canada – Canada and Americas
  • United Airlines – USA through Munich


  • Do not take aspirin a week to the operation
  • Do not take antidepressants and blood thinner pills a week to the operation
  • Do not smoke one week after the operation
  • Do not take any alcohol from 3 days to the operation
  • Do not take multivitamins or herbal medication 1 week before the operation
  • Wear comfortable clothing on the day of the operation, we recommend you wear a shirt with buttons, so that you do not damage the grafts while dressing.
  • Kindly let us know if you have any chronic diseases or allergies.

Arrival and Airport Transfers

You can fly directly to Ankara or through Istanbul from any city in the world. Our driver will pick you fromAnkara Esenboğa Airport; he will be waiting for you at the International Arrivals holding a sign with your name on it. The driver’s name and mobile number will be emailed to you before your arrival date. Just in case there is delay or any other inconvenience, keep your mobile phone on so that we can call you. It is advisable for you to arrive a day before your surgery date.


You will meet the driver at the International arrivals next to the Tourism Information Desk. You can find the location in the attached Esenboga Airport Map and the picture is as shown Airport_meeting_Tourist_Information.350pxon the left:

Make sure you put on your mobile phone just in case the driver does not find you, we will call you.



Pre-operation Consultation

After you have checked into the hotel, you should come for the pre-op face-to-face consultation. Dr. Civaswill design your hairline, discuss with you the expected results as per your requirements and inform you of the procedure in detail. You will also be advised by our hospitable staff which interesting places you can visit in Ankara.

Civas Hair Restoration Center is located 400km away from Koza hotel; which is just 6 minutes walk. It is located opposite Migros Supermarket and in the building with Dominos Pizza on the second floor. The directions to the clinic are as shown in the picture below and you can also look from google maps location of Civas Clinic.

Operation day

You are advised to have a good breakfast at your hotel (inclusive). We expect you at the clinic at 8:15 a.m. on the surgery date. Please wear a buttoned shirt (not a closed shirt or T-Shirt) to avoid brushing over the newly implanted grafts after the surgery while dressing up. The procedure will take 7-9 hours in a fully-equipped, state-of-art operating theatre/room under local anesthesia. Lunch and other breaks will be provided for during the procedure. At the end of the procedure, Dr Civas will instruct you of the post operation care, and a hard copy of the instructions will be given to you.

Post Operation Review

You will be given a follow up appointment the day after the surgery where Dr. Civas will do further check ups and give you further instructions on cleaning and taking care your scalp. The bandage will be removed then we will demonstrate how to shampoo/wash your hair. Procedure related medications (included in the package) will be provided.

Travel back

You are medically fit to fly back a day after the procedure. Depending on your flight schedule, you will be driven back to the airport and you can have a safe flight back home.

Follow -up

On the 5th – 10th day, 2nd month and 12th month after your hair transplant, we will call or e-mail you to follow up on your treatment. You can see the full results of the hair transplant 8-12 months after the surgery. Incase you have any questions, you can email or contact us.